Coaster and Bauble Tutorial

This tutorial is for Custom Coasters and Baubles

* It is best to make custom orders from a desktop or laptop. If you encounter any issues with uploading images through your phone, do not proceed to cart, instead try on a desktop or laptop. 

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

1. Select the right images for your product

2. Upload your images during checkout

3. Set up your cart if you would like multiple coasters/baubles with the same image


1. Selecting the right images

  • Images should be of a high quality
  • Subject (e.g., Human or animal) should be in the centre of the photo with  adequate background space around it.


Photos to submit:

Photos to avoid submitting:


2. Uploading photos during checkout

  • Choose your style type (Coaster or Bauble)


Choose your type
  • Select your options for your product
  • Upload your photos by dragging and dropping them into the blue bar, or click on browse and select your photos.
    You can upload the following file types: .png and .jpeg
  • Use the preview to double check the photos you have chosen are the ones you would like. 
  • Checkout
  • If you would like to amend your photo choices after you have checked out, email us within 30 minutes of placing your order with your order number from your confirmation. See contact us.


3. I want multiple coasters/baubles with the same image

If you would like multiple coasters/baubles with the same image, simply re-upload the same image multiple times.

In the example below, the customer will recieve two coasters with the photo of their dog and one coaster with a photo of their cat.


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